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All the jewelry presented in this store is an original creation by Leonor BOLIVAR who is part of the founders of SINGULAR ARTEFACT.

Leonor BOLIVAR is an industrial designer from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, her training began from the perspective of design and later she complemented it with the learning of the jewelry trade, transcendence in which she already has more than 22 years of experience in the field, venturing with Artesanías de Colombia where, together with the National Jewelry Program, it has introduced several artisan communities in the sector in the design and learning of new techniques and the technological improvement of the jewelry trade.

In her career as a jewelry designer, she has been invited to exhibit her work internationally at Import Shop Berlin 2006, and at the Professional Jewelry Show ORHOPA Paris 2008, managing to enter the European market, an opportunity that has given her the strengthening of exclusive business relationships since Spain for the European community. At a national level, she has participated in recognition fairs for the artisan market and therefore designer jewelry, such as Expoartesanías, Expodesign and Colombia Moda.

Her work deserved the opportunity to be in the Book of Design in Colombia 2009, Design in Latin America 2010 and The Sourcebook Of Contemporary Jewelry Design 2012.

Since 2007, she has had the Handmade Quality Seal granted by Icontec, where it certifies that its work is 100% handmade, made with quality and with export standards. 

Artist Manifesto

“Leonor is directly influenced by a changing environment and reality; her approach and style are characterized by research and artistic perception of both different materials and techniques, continuously exploring new concepts and forms, conceiving the elements of her pieces with an eclectic and contemporary language”


SINGULAR ARTEFACT is an enterprising company highlighted by human quality and good service, seeking to be recognized for the high quality of our products, designing jewelry of constant innovation and creativity, being competitive in the local, regional and national market, thus achieving customer satisfaction.


SINGULAR ARTEFACT is recognized as a company at an international level, in the manufacture and commercialization of jewelry in silver, gold and precious stones, providing innovative and high quality products, generating value in their designs.

SINGULAR ARTEFACT is respectful of the legal framework, the environment and the communities.

Ethical behavior.

SINGULAR ARTEFACT acts with honesty and transparency ensuring that justice constantly governs our behavior.

Customer satisfaction.

SINGULAR ARTEFACT strives to fully and permanently satisfy all our customers.

Quality and service

SINGULAR ARTEFACT differentiates itself from other companies by applying quality in all processes and providing excellent service to others.

Human Resources.

SINGULAR ARTEFACT is concerned with constantly training and developing the people who make up our organization.

Versatility and innovation.

SINGULAR ARTEFACT is flexible, responds quickly to changes and is constantly concerned with technological innovation.