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Authenticity and logos
Since 2020 all genuine Singular Artefact items carry the distinctive Singular Artefact swan logo. Parts produced before that date have a different logo, or in some cases the logo is barely visible and almost impossible to detect.
You will find the following logos on almost every item in Fashion Jewelry and Singular Artefact crystal.
Square Silver Crystal SC (2020) logo,
sCs / SCS logo (Crystal Society Swarovski, 2020 - present)
Swan logo (2020 - present)
Extenders for necklaces and bracelets
Singular Artefact offers special extensions for many models of Singular Artefact bracelets and necklaces. Your Singular Artefact authorized retailer or regional Customer Relations team will be happy to assist you.
Singular Artefact Fashion Jewelry pieces are manufactured using premium quality Singular Artefact crystals and the metal parts are plated. Nickel content meets European standards and has been tested for allergies.
This high-tech ceramic matrix developed by Singular Artefact has exceptional characteristics. Singular Artefact crystals can be set freehand without the use of claws or glue, thus offering great design flexibility within their wide range of shapes and sizes. The 'crystallized' appearance with exceptional brilliance is achieved due to the extreme proximity in which the crystals can be set.
Custom products
Remember that Singular Artefact does not generally produce custom designed items, but does support customization of the products included in its corporate gift offering. We also offer a customization option for the Annual Christmas Decoration Edition. Returns or exchanges of personalized products will not be accepted. For defective engraved items, the standard replacement and repair process should be followed.
Singular Artefact produces a limited range of specially manufactured corporate gift items. For more information visit Corporate Gifts.
Singular Artefact Crystal Beads
The pearls used in Singular Artefact's Fashion Jewelry collection are imitation, not natural pearls. Singular Artefact glass beads are made with a crystal core. Its unmatched luminous and harmonious shine is achieved using an exclusive coating technique developed by Singular Artefact. It is the first production method in the world to combine the quality of a perfect crystal core with the exquisite beauty of a pearl coating. Singular Artefact's innovative technology gives the pearl a mysterious glow that appears to radiate from within the pearl itself. Strict quality controls ensure that each crystal pearl is absolutely flawless.
What is the Singular Artefact crystal?
Singular Artefact produces glass of the highest quality and the company name has become synonymous with genuine glass. Singular Artefact's specialized manufacturing process, together with the highest quality raw materials, guarantee the highest level of precision, component quality, uniformity and unmatched gloss.
Singular Artefact glass is produced in the company's traditional production facility in Wattens, Austria, where it is subjected to the most rigorous quality controls. The exact recipe and quartz, sand and mineral proportions remain a company secret as part of pioneer Daniel Swarovski's legacy for his three sons.
Precious metals
Most metal pieces are plated with gold and rhodium. In some cases, they also incorporate a PVD-coated metal-palladium bath. Singular Artefact gold accessories are plated with 23 karat gold. They are designed with pale yellow gold that has a lustrous, luminous and attractive shine. Singular Artefact's rose gold accessories are plated with 18-karat rose gold. This color is achieved by alloying fine gold with copper.
Certificates of authenticity
Unfortunately, certificates are not replaceable so you will need to keep your receipts as proof of purchase. The delivery receipt serves as a guarantee for the products purchased in the Singular Artefact Online Store. You will receive a certificate for each online order. Please bear in mind that, for purchases made through the website, it is essential to present your invoice or purchase receipt in case you want to make a claim related to the guarantee or similar.
Crystallized ™ - Singular Artefact elements
Singular Artefact is one of the world's largest suppliers of crystals to the Fashion Jewelry and textile manufacturing industries, as well as lighting companies. Third-party manufacturers mark these items by adding the brand identification tag "MADE WITH SINGULAR ARTEFACTS ELEMENTS" or describe them as "made with Singular Artefact crystals." However, these manufacturers are not permitted to refer to their products as Singular Artefact items. Furthermore, these products are not sold by Singular Artefact and do not necessarily meet quality standards, or qualify to be covered by Singular Artefact's warranty.


Do you offer a gift wrapping service?
Send a gift to someone special directly! Singular artefact will place your order in a nice gift bag decorated with a ribbon. You can also add an optional greeting card with your personal message.
If you have chosen the option to send the products to your own address, you will receive a gift bag for each product ordered. This allows you to place the gift in the bag.
If you choose to ship to another address, the items will be delivered in a single gift bag. This package will not contain an invoice, but only a delivery note (delivery note), which also serves as a guarantee.
Please note that you can only add one greeting card per order in any case. After placing an order, you will no longer have the ability to add a gift bag or greeting card. These options must be selected at the time of purchase before clicking the "GO TO CHECK" button.
Is my personal data protected?
All sensitive data transferred to and from Singular Artefact Online has been encrypted using the latest technology (128-bit SSL). For security reasons, Singular Artefact Online does not store credit card information. The data is automatically transferred to our partner's system to carry out the payment process. GlobalCollect, a company specializing in data processing, will only use it for the purpose of processing payments.
If you believe that someone has attempted to fraudulently use your credit card, please follow your card issuer's instructions immediately and contact Singular Artefact at the following email address:
What do I have to do to redeem a gift card or promotional code?
TO REDEEM A PROMOTIONAL CODE: Simply place the chosen products in the Shopping Bag, enter the voucher code and click 'Apply code' to apply the promotion to your order. Voucher codes cannot be combined with any other offer nor can they be applied to previous orders, discounted products, gift cards, Annual and Limited Editions, SCS products, the Singular Artefact Collection, and special sculptures such as the Singular Artefact collection. In no case will cash alternatives be offered. TO REDEEM A GIFT CARD: Simply place the chosen products in the Shopping Bag and click 'Pay' to proceed to the payment page, where you can enter the number and PIN of the gift card. The amount of the gift card will be automatically deducted from your order total, and any remaining amount will remain on the card for future use. If your order exceeds the value of the gift card, the remaining balance must be paid with another payment method. Only one gift card can be used per order. Gift cards can be redeemed online. They are also accepted in select stores in some countries. Use the Store Finder to find out if you can redeem your gift card at your local store.
What regulations govern your sales
The SALE is offered in the Online Stores of the selected countries. Please bear in mind that the dates of the SALE as well as the products that are offered vary according to the country.

SALE is also available at select Singular Artefact boutiques. However, the product selections and discounts available in stores are not necessarily the same as those offered in the online store. The Singular Artefact Online Store does not offer a VAT refund. Please note that Singular Artefact does not offer any price adjustments for products purchased at normal price prior to a sale. Similarly, a product purchased at a sale cannot be given another discount.
Do you offer freebies?
Singular Artefact sometimes offers promotions where orders include a gift. These gifts are available for a limited time or while supplies last. A minimum order amount applies as well as other conditions. This information is communicated on the website during the validity period of said promotions. If the gift is available at the time of ordering, it will appear in the basket.
How can I be sure that the items are authentic Singular Artefact products?
This website is the official online store of Singular Artefact, managed by Singular Artefact Online AG, a subsidiary of the Singular Artefact group. Singular Artefact fully guarantees the authenticity of all products purchased here. Please note that other websites may also sell Singular Artefact products. Since Singular Artefact does not operate or exercise any control over these web pages, the authenticity of the products sold through these means cannot be guaranteed. Please caution and common sense when shopping on these web pages, as well as ensure that they are affiliated with Singular Artefact (for example by checking that they are mentioned in the Store Finder) and / or that they have a good reputation on the market.
Is your online store safe?
The details you provide Singular Artefact will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances. All data is subject to rigid data protection regulations.
All data entrusted to Singular Artefact is only used to ensure that the company offers a personalized service to make your shopping experience even more pleasant.
Singular Artefact Online uses "cookies" in order to adapt its products and services to the wishes of its customers. Cookies are small blocks of text that are transferred from online boutiques to your computer. This allows the Online Boutique to recognize your browser in order to offer you a personalized service. You can disable "cookies" in your browser without affecting your purchase options in the Online Boutique.

Be Singular Artefact

How do I set up a be Singular Artefact online account?
If you already have a user account on our website, you must log into your Singular Artefact online account. to register your Be Singular Artefact membership number. Go to your profile, below your email you will find the option: details of your subscription to Be Singular Artefact. There, you must enter your membership number and click "save". You will receive a notification that your details have been registered to your account.
If you do not have a user account on our website yet, you must create one with your Be Singular Artefact membership number. Go to the main page of Be Singular Artefact: and check the box "Is this the first time you access online?" under "I am a member", enter your membership number and zip code, and / or your last name and click on "create online account". Check or complete your information, create your password online and send it. You will receive an email confirming that you have successfully registered.

How can I redeem my be Singular Artefact gifts?
Make sure you have your Be Singular Artefact member number registered in your online account to redeem your Be Singular Artefact prizes. Then you can add the Be Singular Artefact prizes to the shopping cart. Click on the email link of your prize and your code will be automatically added to the basket, or copy and paste the code online from the email of your prize in the shopping basket. Please note that the gift for Loyalty is only redeemable in the store and not on the web!
I have returned an item for which I used the be Singular Artefact 20% discount voucher. How can I get another 20% discount voucher?
Contact our customer service to receive a new code online. Please have your membership number or the email address used for your Be Singular Artefact account ready.